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    I quit my job and moved to Italy

    What a cliche.  Call it having my ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ moment with more emphasis on the ‘eating’ and ‘love’ of what I’m eating and ‘praying’ for more of it. This time…

  • Wellbeing

    How to deal with anxiety

    – Please note that I have zero formal qualifications on the subject of anxiety or stress so if you’re experiencing serious cases of either, I’d highly recommend closing this page immediately and contacting a professional…

  • Menswear

    Upgrade your bag game – William & Son

    – This is a collaboration with William & Son – They say that youth is wasted on the young. They’re probably right, and hopefully old. So although only someone whose lived…

  • Travel

    Amsterdam – Pure magic

    It’s over. I’m done. Amsterdam has officially won Lipari Vita’s not so illustrious ‘Favourite city in Europe and quite possibly the rest of the world’ trophy – congratulations Amsterdam. Despite her…

  • Menswear

    London Fashion Week Men’s 2017

    I was lucky enough to get amongst London Fashion Week Men’s 2017. Stressing out about what to wear I landed on this super simple yet clean outfit that I could wear every…