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Mallorca – Park Hyatt

Airports. They are – if I were to exaggerate – glass boxes of emotion. From the smell of a familiar city through sliding doors, to holding your other half goodbye past beeping ones, airports do, for all that’s better…


Florence – Your Ultimate Guide

Florence would have to be one of my favourite cities I’ve visited and continually return to, not just because of the insanely good food, gorgeous architecture and endless winding streets, but my father and brothers live there.  As with…

Travel Wellbeing

Why travel solo?

Ok, I’ll admit, the headline is slightly misleading but this is an interview I did in the middle of my travels in 2014. I refer to it when people ask me about travelling solo as I hope it helps…


Norway – Pure Magic

Let me do you a favour. Whip out your bucket list from under your bed. Have you got it? Good. Now write in big boisterous writing ‘I (insert name here) will visit the majestic Fjords of Norway before I die’.…


Wales – Food for the soul

London is special. A buzzing multicultural metropolis filled with so much to see and do I genuinely feel there’s something for everyone. As much as I love London, there’s always a little guy deep down calling to the Australian…