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Breaking my social media addiction

I recently hit a bit of a wall.  My life as I knew it in London was going to fundamentally change. Without going into all the ins and outs, it led me to evaluate all aspects of my life. …


How to deal with anxiety

– Please note that I have zero formal qualifications on the subject of anxiety or stress so if you’re experiencing serious cases of either, I’d highly recommend closing this page immediately and contacting a professional – I think we’ve all experienced anxiety in…

Lifestyle Wellbeing

5 Ways Gratitude Affects Your Brain

It goes without saying that I’m no expert in this area nor do I have any formal qualifications as a Psychologist/Psychotherapist (much to my Mother’s dismay!) I was introduced to the concept of daily gratitude a couple years back…

Travel Wellbeing

Why travel solo?

Ok, I’ll admit, the headline is slightly misleading but this is an interview I did in the middle of my travels in 2014. I refer to it when people ask me about travelling solo as I hope it helps…